Episode 4

Episode #4: Mastering Digital Operations: SOPs, Onboarding, and More

Episode Highlights:

1. Introduction & Setting the Stage:

- Meghan Donnelly unveils the essence of digital operations and the mission of her agency, Digital Unicorns.

2. **Building a Lifestyle with Technology:**

- Emphasis on leveraging technology not just for business growth but to create a lifestyle.

- Focus on giving business owners time back to enjoy life and their loved ones.

3. **Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):**

- Definition and importance of SOPs for business efficiency.

- Introduction to Loom as a tool for creating SOP videos.

- Highlighting Loom's AI feature for automatic transcription and summarization.

- [Loom](https://www.loom.com) - Record your screen and create SOPs effortlessly.

4. **Internal and External Onboarding:**

- Importance of onboarding processes for both employees and customers.

- Use of GHL (Go High Level) for comprehensive onboarding and CRM needs.

- [GHL (Go High Level)](https://www.gohighlevel.com) - A complete CRM system for internal and external business operations.

5. **Efficient Bill Pay and Invoicing:**

- Crucial elements of seamless billing systems.

- Importance of automation in bill pay and invoicing to avoid manual errors and improve customer satisfaction.

6. **Hiring & Outsourcing:**

- The significance of having the right team and knowing when to outsource.

- Benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants (VAs) for tasks that can't be automated.

- Cost-effective ways to integrate VAs into your business.

7. **Tracking Time for Efficiency:**

- Introduction to RescueTime for monitoring and optimizing time usage.

- [RescueTime](https://www.rescuetime.com) - A tool to track productivity and identify time wastage.


- Understanding digital operations to create a lifestyle, not just a business.

- Effective use of SOPs with tools like Loom.

- The importance of streamlined onboarding with systems like GHL.

- Automation in bill pay and invoicing to avoid manual errors.

- Hiring and outsourcing as key components of business operations.

- Leveraging RescueTime to audit and optimize your time use.

Connect with Meghan:

- LinkedIn: [Meghan Donnelly](https://www.linkedin.com/in/meghandonnelly/)

- Website: [The Queen of Automation](https://www.thequeenofautomation.com)

- Email: Contact via the website


Technology is only good when it works, and I make it work

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Technology is only good when it works.

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She’s the owner and founder of The Digital Unicorns, a small digital operations agency that helps multi-6-figure businesses streamline and optimize their digital experience with automated systems and tools. She’s also the brains and the chaos behind The Queen of Automation. Meghan has over 15 years in the digital operations industry, with a ton of experience and geeky expertise to share. As a business owner with ADHD, automation changed her life, and she loves sharing techy tips and tricks with other entrepreneurs.
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