Episode 6

Episode #6 | From Telecom to Tech Triumph: Darren Mass on Business Operations and Automation

In this episode, Meghan explores the multifaceted world of automation and operations in big business with Darren Mass.

Key Take Aways:

1. Darren's Journey:

- Started in telecommunications.

- Founded Mass Communications and sold it to Windstream Enterprises.

- Shared insights on business strategy and the importance of exit strategies.

2. Meghan's Journey:

- Diagnosed with ADHD at a young age.

- Did not graduate high school. Got her GED

- Achieved success in technology and business fields.

3. CRM and Data Management:

- Discussed Salesforce CRM and its complexities.

- Meghan recommended Go High Level CRM for SMBs.

- Highlighted the crucial role of clean data in business success.

- Emphasized the consequences of dirty data on client relationships and employee performance.

4. Work-Life Balance and Technology:

- Darren emphasized systems and time blocking.

- Meghan highlighted the role of automation in regaining personal time.

- Darren shared personal challenges post-acquisition and finding life-work balance.

5. Networking and Community:

- Meghan and Darren praised their peer-to-peer coaching community, Brand Built.

- Stressed the importance of networking through LinkedIn.

- Discussed transitioning from one-on-one to group coaching.

- Shared the value of storytelling, building trust, and service-oriented selling on LinkedIn.

6. LinkedIn’s Role in Business Growth:

- Darren and Meghan discussed using LinkedIn for B2B and local business growth.

- Meghan shared success stories, including a CEO’s successful client targeting strategy.

- Emphasized personal branding and its importance for company representation.

7. Entrepreneurship vs. Corporate Life:

- Meghan and Darren discussed the flexibility and challenges of entrepreneurship.

- Shared personal experiences of balancing work demands and personal life.

8. Effective CRM Strategies for Startups:

- Recommended starting with affordable CRMs like Airtable.

- Discussed the future need for more robust systems as businesses grow.

- Stressed the importance of planning for future growth and potential exit strategies.

9. Final Metaphor and Advice:

- Darren concluded with a metaphor about knowing one's business direction and goals akin to preparing for a race, whether a sprint or a marathon.

- Highlighted the power of great content and effective LinkedIn engagement strategies over traditional email marketing.

Community Mention:

Brand Built: A peer-to-peer coaching community for thriving in business and personal life, focusing on LinkedIn's growth potential.

Connect With Us:

- For more information or to continue the conversation, contact Darren on LinkedIn.


Tune in to this insightful episode to learn from Darren and Meghan’s experiences and gain valuable tips on managing business operations, leveraging technology for balance, and maximizing the potential of LinkedIn for growth and networking.

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